Free Courses

A Problem-free Approach to Problem-Solving
You will learn several different techniques and tools to aid workplace problem-solving. The free course is divided into short lessons with slide examples to illustrate issues clearly and in real-world settings. Supporting resources include a printable worksheet for the Janusian problem-solving method. You can return to the self-study as needed to complete all lessons and can review any lesson as often as you would like.

Ace Your Job Interview
Learn the fundamental skills needed to be successful in a job interview. This free course provides information to help the student understand the typical emotions associated with interviews, and introduces the student to common interview styles. It uses a variety of exercises and a conceptual simulation to discuss and demonstrate important preparation and presentation techniques. The skills and strategies presented in this course will help the student face an interview with confidence, and help to ensure that they “get hired.&rdquo

Avoid and Prevent Workplace Harassment
Defines illegal harassment in the workplace and its consequences.

Be an Effective Manager
Supervisory skills don't come naturally to everyone. This free course on management training describes the benefits, challenges, and responsibilities of supervisors and managers. This management course also demonstrates the skills that a supervisor needs to motivate team members, solve problems, resolve conflicts, manage time, and deal with stress.

Be Your Own Manager
Learn how to be your own manager, gain a better business perspective, and aim for continuous improvement through professional development training.

Becoming a Highly Talented Manager
Understanding why great managers are effective is the foundation to customize your own management practices to better contribute to the strategic goals of the organization. This free course delves into the thought processes of highly talented managers.

Building Customer Loyalty
Learn how to improve customer service skills and build customer loyalty. Topics covered include customer service principles, communicating effectively with customers, managing the customer encounter, handling complaints and conflicts, and continuously improving customer service.

Coaching for Business Success
This training course describes the qualities and roles of successful mentors and the coaching steps necessary to develop and maintain a formal mentoring program.

Coaching for Performance Excellence
This training course describes the qualities and roles of successful mentors and the coaching steps necessary to develop and maintain a formal mentoring program.

Communication Chaos
In this free course you will learn to communicate effectively by avoiding miscommunication and confusion. Learn how to troubleshoot communication issues, tailor your message, and develop a communication action plan.

Communication for Retail Managers
This course is for retail managers looking to deal with the challenges of managing staff performance. This online learning path focuses on enhancing six key communication skills for communicating to employees, motivating employees, and maximizing productivity.

Communication Fundamentals
Learn the essential communication skills needed to communicate effectively in the work environment. The course uses workplace examples to introduce students to common communication problems and how to overcome them. After completing this online course, you should be able to identify common traps people fall into when listening, and identify the three skills to enhance listening in the workplace (i.e. showing interest, focusing on key issues, and responding to feelings).

Conflict Management
This course provides an overview of the appropriate procedures and follow-up policies for dealing with conflict and employee grievances in the workplace. Dealing with conflict, addressing indirect complaints, salary complaints, aggressive behavior, workplace gossip, and encouraging employee interaction.

Continuous Improvement in the Workplace
Gain understanding of why continuous improvement is critical to your competitiveness in the global marketplace. This free training course explains how to improve quality in all levels of an organization – from the front-line worker to senior management. It demonstrates how to define customer needs and expectations, and how to analyze, measure, and improve work processes so that they meet the needs and expectations of customers. It explains how employees can continuously improve their work processes and thereby ultimately improve the quality of the products and services they provide.

Creating Loyal Customers for Associates
This course for retail staff describes the skills, strategies, and actions needed to make customers feel their expectations are met and exceeded. It discusses service teams, the principles of customer service, and how to provide customer service during challenging times.

Creating Loyal Customers for Leaders
Course for retail managers and supervisors covers topics about defining leadership, creating a shared vision, understanding teams, leveraging change, and encouraging personal authority in team members in order to improve customer service.

Customer Service Excellence
Learn how to maintain excellence in customer service. Positive or negative customer service can be the ultimate determinant of success or failure in any business. After completing this course you will understand the difference between traditional and exceptional customer services and how to develop stronger relationships with your customer.

Dealing With Difficult Workplace Behaviors
This course teaches learners how to effectively manage and encourage greater participation among difficult personality types in the workplace. It is very difficult to change someone's Difficult Workplace Behavior but we can learn to cope with these behaviors in ways which neutralize the effect of these behaviors and serve as a deterrent to them.

Dealing with Diversity
This course discusses how to recognize and respect individual differences and describes some strategies that can be used to deal with diversity in an organization. Diversity provides alternative viewpoints and enriches organizations' appreciation of those viewpoints often leading to far improved results. It teaches the student how to identify barriers to diversity and the methods that are used to overcome these barriers. Also, in relation to etiquette, the student is shown how to adapt to cultural differences in the workplace.
  Defusing Workplace Violence
Gain understanding of the techniques and procedures for preventing problems before they escalate and recognizing and responding to violence in the workplace.

Discipline Documentation
Receive advice on developing a process for documenting employee discipline problems by keeping an incident diary, finding the facts, and objectives, solutions and actions to discipline problems.

Discrimination/Legal Issues
Addresses age, disability, race, religion, and gender discrimination. Termination issues in situations of theft, poor performance and downsizing.

Effective Business Meetings
This course outlines how to organize, prepare for, and conduct effective meetings in the workplace.

Effective Business Teams
Course for project managers, retail managers, and other business managers that explains at the functions of a team, the fundamentals of team building, and key team communication skills. Team members will develop their skills in communicating, presenting ideas, managing change, and reducing stress. This will ensure that teams at all levels are equipped with the skills to achieve higher levels of performance.

Effective Change Management
Helps you understand the characteristics of change and how people react to change. Identify strategies for managing change at a personal level and in work groups. This self-study free course is divided into short lessons with slide examples to illustrate issues clearly and in real-world settings.

Effective On-the-Job Training
This course provides guidelines for planning and conducting on-the-job training. It describes a four-step model for executing a training plan. It also provides tools and examples to assist organizations and trainers with on-the-job training.

Effective Project Management
Course for project managers that introduces the four phases of project management and includes an expected time worksheet. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the project constraints. Typical constraints are scope, time and budget. The secondary—and more ambitious—challenge is to optimize the allocation and integration of inputs necessary to meet pre-defined objectives. A project is a carefully defined set of activities that use resources (money, people, materials, energy, space, provisions, communication, motivation, etc.) to achieve the project goals and objectives. this project management training course will help the student develop these skills.

Employee Guidelines to Avoid Sexual Harassment
This course teaches students what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace and how to avoid discriminatory behaviors in the workplace. Sexual harassment not only is a primary source of employee litigation (varies from country to country and locale to locale) but has a corrosive effect on morale within all organizations when left unchecked. Harassment is a moral, ethical, legal and ultimately an economic issue that effects everyone.

Empowerment in the Workplace
Allows project managers, retail managers, and other business managers, as well as employees to learn the background and concepts necessary to develop empowerment initiatives in the workplace. This online learning path outlines the benefits of empowerment, and provides tools and techniques to help promote empowerment at all levels of the organization.

Ethics in the Workplace
Demonstrates the principles of business ethics and how they apply to a variety of situations in the workplace. Proper ethics aren't JUST something organizations should foster for legal reasons but for pragmatic reasons as well. Ethics sits as the foundation of everything that happens by and to an organization and is ultimately a key determinant of success. This ethics training course describes guidelines for applying these principles in assessing what course of action to take under specific workplace situations. Exercises throughout the learning path provide the learner with the opportunity to practice applying business ethics principles.

Facilitating Improvement
Learn to lead an audience to new ideas or understandings. This free online course covers basic processes, tools, and preparation used to effectively facilitate change and improvement in an organization. It examines the entire facilitation process, from planning through to implementation. It also offers techniques and suggests training aids and resources for the facilitator.

Feedback Solutions
Demonstrates how to structure specific, balanced, feedback that encourages employees to take responsibility for giving feedback to others. It demonstrates how to contract with employees to improve performance and how to deal with emotional or negative responses to feedback. The student gains the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively receive constructive feedback about job performance, behavior, ideas, and suggestions. It then teaches the student to use this feedback to improve their job performance. Students will also learn how to actively seek feedback and handle difficult feedback situations.

Four Steps to Communication Success
This course helps develop strong communication skills. Communication skills and involvement during a presentation are just as important as the message a presenter delivers. This online course also teaches a simple process for creating and presenting messages that contain the key elements of success.

Four Steps to Presentations that Motivate
Teaches a simple four-step process for creating presentations that contain the key elements of success. The student will be able to use this process when making a presentation, expressing ideas at a staff meeting, or leaving a voice mail message. Key ingredients for successful messages, Building the Cornerstones of a presentation, Creating and clustering ideas, Composing the message, Using attention getters and memory hooks, Adapting your message to various situations, Creating your own presentation, Designing and using visual aids, Generating involvement through questions and answers.

Fundamentals of Business Math
This course helps you learn the fundamentals of business and retail math and statistics and how to apply those principles to spreadsheets. Improve you business math and retail math skills.
Get Ready
Teaches participants how to proactively prepare for a successful job search. Proper preparation prevents poor performance throughout the recruitment life-cycle. This course helps job seekers understand the key attributes of successful preparation.

Getting Feedback, Delivering Results
Addresses feedback principles, personal change action plan, and feedback action steps.

Getting Work Done
Addresses setting priorities, procrastination, time efficiency, job efficiency, efficient meetings, and delegating.

Giving an Effective Presentation
You will learn effective communication skills and audience-involvement techniques that can be used during presentations. Communication skills and involvement during a presentation are just as important as the words a presenter delivers. Poor communication skills and a lack of audience involvement distracts from the meaning of a presentation. Instead, communicate effectively and increase audience involvement to enhance the presentation's meaning.

Gross Margin
This online course helps you maximize profits by understanding gross margin components and learning to calculate markups.

Handling Termination with Care and Control
This free course addresses: Overview of handling terminations, Handling termination with Care and Control, Preparing for the termination discussion, Conducting the termination meeting, Following up after a termination meeting, Handling difficult situations in termination meetings, and Putting Care and Control into action.
  Hiring the Right Talent for Your Business
Hiring the right talent for your organization is critical to your long term success. Knowing the attributes for success for each position and then aligning the candidates with those clearly defined attributes will help determine fit, performance and job satisfaction. In this free course we cover the impact of talent selection, how to understand your functional and technical needs, relevant interviewing methods, legal issues, and how to hire for retention.

Human Touch Performance Appraisals
This course teaches how to implement a performance appraisal system that puts people first.

Introduction to Finance
You will learn the principles of financial management, how to read and interpret financial information, and how to apply meaningful financial information.

Investing Time for Maximum Return
You will learn the Time Tactics Process, setting goals for time management, using a time log, lack of self-management, lack of control over the work environment, handling time wasters, the action plan and advanced time management tactics.

Job Strategies for New Employees
Provides the fundamentals of preparing for seeking a new job, building a professional network, communication strategies, and goal-setting strategies. Proper preparation is key to all job searches and this course offers insightful strategies for preparing for and executing your job search.

Keep Them Calling - Providing Superior Customer Service
This course addresses: Polishing phone performance, Creating positive phone relationships, The basics of phone performance, Communicating with style, Effective voice messaging, Handling angry callers effectively, Abusive callers and other challenges, Action plan: Setting goals.
Leading Meetings to Success
Focuses on the way meetings can be led, facilitated, controlled and influenced in order to achieve positive outcomes. Making Meetings Work will help learners develop the skills of chairing effective meetings and of presenting information.

Legal Issues in Management
Outlines the major legal requirements and legislation with which employers must comply and shows how to develop management behaviors that help avoid discrimination in the workplace. The American Disabilities Act specifies very detailed requirements for employers and other organizations which MUST be provided to all constituents. Failure to satisfy these legal requirements can result in fines, penalties and expensive civil litigation. Please note this course is for educational purposes only. For legal advise please consult your attorney.

Listen for Understanding
Teaches communications and active listening skills. Effective communication requires developing active listening skills and should be included in your career training objectives.

Making Negotiations Work for You
This course addresses: Reasons for negotiation, Profile of a negotiator, Preparing for a negotiation, Negotiation tactics, Strategies for cooperative negotiating, and Making negotiation work for you.

Manager Guidelines to Stop Sexual Harassment
Discusses managerial guidelines as to what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace and outlines the steps involved in dealing with sexual harassment. This course can serve as a basic set of guidelines to organizations who need to implement Sexual Harassment practices and protocols.
  Motivation in the Workplace
Teaches project managers, retail managers, and other business managers how to create a proper environment to motivate employees.

No Privacy Legal Issues in Email
You will learn the legal and privacy implications of email use, security and etiquette.

Office Safety/The Safety Secret
Presents the fundamental office safety information that employees and managers need to ensure a safe work environment. The learning path uses workplace examples to introduce common areas of concern in office safety. These areas of concern include slips and falls, fire hazards, and workstation posture. Office safety isn't just a legal issue but a productivity and morale issue as well. This course also offers simple and effective ways in which all members of an office can prevent office accidents.

Performance Management
Teaches the appropriate procedures and follow-up policies to encourage improved employee performance.

Personal Workspace...A Handbook for Entering the Workforce
This course covers multiple workplace issues, including inappropriate dress, personal hygiene, personal phone use, substance abuse, poor attitude, personal problems, and socializing. This course was specifically designed to help new employees entering the workforce understand the basic do's and dont's associated with behaviors and appearances in the workplace.

Planning Your Job Performance
Helps you improve organizational performance by establishing clear job and performance expectations and by effectively managing change. This free course explains how to reinvent the traditional appraisal process with the performance management cycle.
Quality Customer Service in the Public Sector
This course looks at service in the public sector and demonstrates a number of techniques for building effective customer service skills. It shows how to serve face-to-face, telephone and internal customers and presents techniques for dealing with irate customers.

Quality Customer Management in the Public Sector
Discusses the importance of customer service, customer needs, and focuses on less obvious customers and changing customer attitudes.

Quick Start Sales Training (Turning-on Your New Salespeople)
Fast track guide to selling across the life-cycle including arrival, selection, decision-making and purchasing periods of selling. GREAT GUIDE for new sales personnel to help them become productive very quickly.

Quick Start Training Camp - Developing Customer Loyalty
Helps you manage customer expectations hence building customer loyalty. It discusses benefits of customer loyalty, achieving customer loyalty, attitude and appearance in sales.

Ready to Recruit
The importance of constant recruiting, sources and strategies of recruiting.

Responding to Workplace Harassment (for Managers)
Defines illegal harassment in the workplace and its consequences. In addition, it outlines how managers should appropriately respond to instances of illegal harassment.

Retail Math
This course is for retail managers. Includes retail math lessons on: calculating trends and percent change, percent to total, sell off; estimating weeks of supply; calculating markup dollars, markup percent, markdown; and estimating profitability and profit. Understanding retail math calculations enables retail managers to improve store performance.

Supervising Difficult Behaviors Course
Discusses the reasons why employees can be difficult. It also provides managers and supervisors with recommended responses for dealing with different types of difficult behavior.
  Team Up for Success
Free training for project managers, retail managers, and other business managers teaches the benefits of teams, getting organized, team roles and responsibilities, working in a team, team decision-making, disbanding a team, and difficult team situations.

Teamwork Challenges
Course for project managers, retail managers, and other business managers. Provides information about overcoming teamwork challenges. In doing so, it discusses topics such as team roles, team organization, conflict, team politics, and non-participation of team members.

Ten Tools for Quality
Learn how to use check sheets, criteria-rating, and a range of diagrams and charts manage quality.

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback
This self-pace interactive course helps define useful workplace feedback and advanced feedback strategies. Most people and many managers do NOT know how to provide constructive feedback. Lack of constructive feedback leads to employee morale problems, productivity issues and, eventually, employee turnover.

The Impact of Workplace Diversity
Explores how diversity is changing the workplace and how diversity can have positive effects on profits, working environments, and interpersonal relationships between coworkers. The learning path also teaches the student how to act when they witness negative behavior and how diversity can help increase the productivity and profits of a company.

Thinking Creatively about Business Decisions
This course addresses: The need for creativity, Creative-thinking skills, The four barriers to creativity, Creative-thinking techniques, and Unlocking creativity.

Training Other People to Train
This course addresses: Introduction to training, Training concepts, Training adults, Interactivity in training, Training objectives and methods, Being a credible trainer, The training process, and Training logistics and mistakes.

You Be The Judge In Interviewing
This course addresses: Staying within the law, How to approach the interview, Interview questions and the law, and Note-taking.