HTML Widgets

LMS Administrators can use the HTML style editor to customize the home page, the login page, and the self-registration page.

  • Home Page - The LMS Administrator can not only customize the home page for all organizations in the LMS, but can also use the HTML editor to design specific home page displays for specific locations or position groups.
  • Login Page - The LMS Administrator can use the HTML editor to modify the LMS login page. This feature can be used to add branding, a welcome message, or modify the hyperlink for self-registration.
  • Self-Registration Page - The LMS Administrator can stylize the self-registration page with the HTML editor. This page can be further modified with the help of LatitudeLearning's technical support to include input for location and position code. Add the customization to require manager approval for self-registration and you will have the ability to monitor new enrollments and keep the active user count within the LMS maximum listed in the LMS Information Page.

With the ability to customize HTML widgets, the LMS Administrator is given the flexibility to create target welcome messages, set up custom branding per location or position group, and even control if the LMS will engage in self-registration.