LatitudeLearning offers several ways to check on a student’s training progress, but none that match the student’s user experience as much as Impersonation.

With student Impersonation, an LMS Administrator, Instructor, or Administrator can have a user experience that operates almost exactly as if they were logged in as the student. This function is scoped to someone’s organization, meaning an LMS Administrator who has a profile at the company level can impersonate anyone in the company. An Instructor who has a profile at the location level can impersonate anyone in that location. And an Administrator who has a profile at a division level can only impersonate employees in that division.

When initiating Impersonation, you can visit the student’s history tab to drill down into the training progress of courses, certifications, or curriculums. This method is similar to User Drill Down but since the Impersonation is as if one is logged in as the student, this feature is reserved to the three LatitudeLearning roles listed above.

In the screenshot below, the Administrator who has a profile for the New York division is able to use the User Search screen to Impersonate anyone who is a subordinate with a profile in the New York business hierarchy.

With Impersonation, training history can be reviewed as if one were the student by LMS Administrators, Instructors, and Administrators. The function is limited to these three roles because any action done while impersonating in that student’s account is as if the student did it – reviewing history, resetting a password, or even completing an eLearning course.