Administrative use of interest lists


Student use of interest lists

The Interest List is an area on every student home page that shows highlighted coursework that is identified as an "interest" for that student by an LMS Administrator, Administrator, Instructor, or even the student. There are two ways the Interest List functions:

Method #1
An LMS Administrator, Administrator, or Instructor can use the Interest List to give interest to a student. This in itself will put the course on the student’s Interest List, and if conditions are met, the student may be auto-enrolled in the course as well.

This process involves visiting the Add Interest screen and selecting a course and a population of students that require interest. For non-classroom courses, after interest is given to students, if the course does not have any prerequisites or if the prerequisite is met, then the student is enrolled in the course. Automated enrollment via interests can operate in this way for the following course types:

  • Assessment
  • Course Group
  • eLearning
  • Self-Study

Method #2
A second way interest operates in LatitudeLearning is when a student is looking to enroll in a classroom offering. When the student visits the classroom course details or views the listing of classroom courses, the student can click Add Interest. When this occurs, two things happen – the classroom course is added to the student’s home page Interest List and the interest summary, which is available to Instructors, will have its counter for this course increased by one student.

The Instructor can then drill into the Review Interest Summary and the Review Interest Graph to assess which classroom courses are most requested by students. As part of this review, the Instructor can also see which facility should host the new classroom offering, since facilities encompass Locales and Locales consist of student locations. The facility with the most requests should host the next course offering.

The Interest List is a way to keep important training listed in the home page "Interest List" widget. It can also be used to alert Instructors there is a need for a new classroom offering. With this two-way communication, students and Instructors will be kept informed about important training needs.