Location is the fundamental organization unit of your LMS structure. Locations organize users and maintain training transcripts. 

Every user is assigned a Location profile in order to enroll in coursework and track training history. People who operate in more than one Location can have multiple user profiles. Managers, for example, who oversee training in two locations will need a profile in both organizations.

Locations include tools that help you delegate user access, configure eCommerce options, promote training opportunities, build enrollment logic, and brand the user experience.

  • Logo displayed in LMS Header and Certificate of Completion
  • Look and feel of user interface via custom stylesheets
  • Custom content for What's New, Login, and Self Registration pages
  • Featured Courses
  • Subscriptions
  • Training schedule, offering distributions, training facilities
  • Brand requirements for dealer certification

Further, in a positional hierarchy example, Managers at a Phoenix location will only be able to check training that users complete at the Phoenix location. On the other hand, Managers at the Santa Monica office will be able to enroll others and run reports for training activities that take place in Santa Monica.

In these ways, Locations keep training organized for Managers and individualized for the specific user population.