Administrators have several tools to create new user accounts, the most fundamental of which is the Add User form. Add a user by entering a few required fields:

  • Username
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Preferred Language
  • Organization
  • Position
  • Password
When setting up a user, it is important to select a Username that is unique across the system. For this reason, many organizations select email address as the Username since it is guaranteed to be unique. The Preferred Language is a user record attribute that controls the language that person will see when they operate in LatitudeLearning.

Manual user creation is useful for LMS Administrators who are able to perform hands-on user administration. On the other hand, if your CMS or HRIS system is connected to LatitudeLearning with a daily integration setup, manual user creation and maintenance should be avoided.

Manual user creation is ideal for small to medium size training environments. The LMS Administrator can create a user by entering a few simple fields and even notify the user by selecting this setup option.

After setting up the user with manual user creation, the LMS Administrator has the option to use the Edit User Profile screen to modify user properties. In the Edit User Profile screen, the LMS Administrator can:

  • End date a user
  • Select a secondary position or role
  • Select managers if the LMS is set up with person-to-person reporting

Manually adding and editing a user is a simple process that involves one-at-a-time, real-time administration. If the LMS Administrator can give individual attention to user profiles, manual user creation and maintenance is easily accomplished in LatitudeLearning.