LatitudeLearning allows students to assign certification or curriculum goals for themselves and Managers to assign goals to students. These are the two types of Manual Goal Assignments that help LatitudeLearning certify your population of students.

  • Students can assign certification or curriculum goals to themselves – This LatitudeLearning option can be selected by the LMS Administrator in the LMS Information Page if they check the box entitled “Self-Assign Goals”. This setting is LMS-wide. Once it is set, a student can view certification/curriculum goals that are available for their position group and choose to add goals they think are appropriate from their Goals tab. This type of Manual Goal Assignment is for instances when the student aspires to achieve a new goal – which might be helpful for someone who is interested in learning new skills that have not been assigned yet.

  • Managers can assign goals to students – In LatitudeLearning, if a student has a position code that is part of a position group, that group may be assigned a certification or curriculum requirement. LMS Administrators, Instructors, or Managers can use the View Goals page to assign goals to students.

With these two methods, LatitudeLearning allows certification or curriculum goals to be manually assigned to students. And once they are assigned, students are required to meet the requirements in order to be certified in that area. In this way, students will progress towards their professional development goals – either by their own design or with the assignment from a Manager.