Manual User Import

If an LMS Administrator wants to add multiple users at once – and assign a common password to each user – a Manual User Import may be used. With this method, the LMS Administrator completes a standard user import template with user data, one row per user. Every user in the template can be loaded into LatitudeLearning with one click – as long as the active user count is not exceeded.

With Manual User Import, the LMS Administrator does much of the work by creating a table of records, one row per user. The Standard User Import Template can be downloaded
here. Users will be created with the default role of Student, but the LMS Administrator can assign them additional roles of Instructor or Location Manager.

The Manual User Import is also helpful for assigning managers in a Person to Person reporting hierarchy LMS. When an LMS is set up with Person to Person reporting, which is sometimes referred to as direct reporting, a manager is directly assigned to a user profile, instead of assignment by position code hierarchy. The user import template allows the administrator to directly assign any number of Managers and Alternate Managers to a user profile for LMSs set up this way.

After importing the template, every user record will be associated with three components - or four if the LMS is set to person to person with direct manager assignment:

  • Organization
  • Role
  • Position
  • Managers

The Manual User Import with the user import template greatly reduces the ongoing effort required to create users, since it is a single process to create users in one batch.