Students in LatitudeLearning are typically set up with one profile. The one profile assigns:

  • Organization
  • Position
  • Role
  • Managers (Person to Person Hierarchy)

A user who belongs to one field organization can operate with multiple position codes, roles, and managers within a single training profile.

What if a user works in multiple organizations, each with different training requirements? What if a technician works in two locations? What if a district manager primarily works in Chicago, but oversees all the locations in the Midwest division? For these and similar scenarios, LatitudeLearning offers multiple user profile support.

Common uses of multiple profiles are described below:

  • A user works in more than one location and managers at each location want to oversee their progress.
  • A user transfers from one location to another. The original organization profile can be end-dated, and a new training profile can be created for their new location. The new profile can have the same position code, role, and set of managers … or it can have a different set of attributes.
  • A manager completes coursework at one location but oversees training at multiple locations. With multiple profiles, this user can assign coursework and track training at each location. This is easily accomplished in the manager’s My Team page, or by switching profiles.
  • A user is a division level manager who wants to oversee training at another location in the district.
  • A user is an LMS Administrator. When an administrator operates at the company level, they can perform functions that can affect all business units, divisions, and locations.

The screen shot below shows an example of the multiple profiles assigned to an LMS Administrator.

With Multiple User Profile support, LatitudeLearning allows for flexible user management – at multiple locations or across the entire division, business unit, or company.