Organization Structure

LatitudeLearning allows you to create a discrete Organization Structure, making our training environment flexible and extensible. Use the LMS to structure a training organization that makes content management and reporting easy.  

The Company is the highest organization in the hierarchy, and there is only one. Portal Administrators typically are assigned a profile at the Company level so that they may manage the entire LMS. 

Business Unit is the level at which Resource and Course records are shared. Administrators responsible for managing course and resource catalogs should have a default profile at their Location, and a secondary profile at the Business Unit level. This would allow them to oversee training for any user who operates within their Business Unit.

The Division is a reporting organization for a group of Locations. It serves as a level where managers can oversee training for people across multiple Locations.

Location is the fundamental organization unit in the LMS structure. A
ll users who engage in LatitudeLearning activities will require a Location level profile. If you provide instructor-led training, Locations will tie your business and training structures together. These are the organizations where:

  • students access the LMS
  • transcripts are tracked
  • featured courses are promoted
  • payment for tuition is controlled
  • subscriptions are authorized
  • instructor-led training is offered