The Resource Library provides educational materials that support the learning process. Resource files, links, or custom HTML pages can serve as:

  • stand-alone materials in a searchable library  
  • content for a Self-Study course, to track review and completion
  • learning aids to a Classroom, eLearning, or Assessment course

Just like course catalogs, Resource Catalogs are managed at the Business Unit level of your organization. Only students who are in the structure of the business unit can access it’s resources. Resource Categories, like course Majors, allow you to organize the catalog by subject. 

The LatitudeLearning platform can also be used to distribute time-sensitive materials, such as a company bulletin, for example. Simply create a resource with effective Start Date through End Date and upload the PDF file. Then send your LMS users an announcement message with a link to the bulletin, instructing them to login and take action.

The screenshot below shows the Resource Details page, where students can download or launch resource content, and even reach out to a named contact for further information.