When an instructor logs into LatitudeLearning, they will see a widget or section on their home page called Teaching Schedule. This widget drills down into offerings they are scheduled to teach. When they drill into the offering, they will be presented with a set of tabs that includes Print Roster, Record Attendance, and Process Roster.

  • Print Roster – the Instructor can print one of several types of rosters sheets, including:
    • Workshop Sign-in Sheet
    • Event Sign-in Sheet
    • Archival Roster
    • Generic Sign-in Sheet
    • Name Badge Report
    These can be used so that students can check off their attendance or be identified with a name badge. An example of a Workshop Roster is shown below.

  • Record Attendance – Instructors will use this tab to enter who has attended the offering and set the number of credit hours accumulated by the student.
  • Process Roster – Instructors will use this tab to record the status for every student who attended the classroom offering. Did a student Pass? If so, their test score can be entered. Was a student a No Show? An instructor can keep track of this and other statuses as well.

With Roster Processing, instructors have a way to record real-time student attendance and set the current status for each student who attended the offering. After the roster is processed, their transcript status will reflect if they attended or if they were a no-show, which allows their managers the ability to review student progress towards instructor led training learning goals.