Self-Study courses allow LMS users to train at their own pace, exploring resources such as books, videos, or PowerPoint presentations. Depending on the nature of training materials, this flexible course delivery method can accomplish multiple business goals:

  • Upload a resource to the LMS, then use it to create launchable content in the course.
  • Integrate content hosted on a third-party site, such as or
  • Attach multiple training resources to a single course

Once a student is enrolled in the course, the content viewing experience will depend upon the type of content provided. The Courses to Complete page will offer a Launch button to view or download training resources hosted within the LMS, or open a browser window for online content.

If Self-Certified Completion is enabled, as it is by default, the student can click Mark Complete to confirm that they have viewed the content. This process will validate the user's identity via username and password credentials. Upon successful submission, their course transcript will include a timestamp with the user's account information, to indicate they agree the coursework is completed.