Skill Profiles

If your training situation requires certified training that is broken into areas of study, creating Skill Profiles will be an advantage for you. To appreciate Skill Profiles, you need a basic understanding of Curriculums.

Curriculums are a way to certify users in LatitudeLearning. Curriculums are comprised of Skill Profiles, which have two components: skill areas and skill levels. Together, skill areas and skill levels create a matrix of certified training, contained in the Skill Profile.

A student can view their Skill Profiles by going to the Curriculum tab listed on their home page, as seen in the screenshot below. The student will see the skill areas and the skill levels listed in the matrix at the top.

In the example below, the student is assigned to the Technical Competencies Skill Profile, which consists of 3 skill areas – Electrical, Engine, and Safety – and 3 skill levels – Foundations, Essentials, and Masters. After the student completes the Foundationsl skills in each area, the student will be required to work on the Essentials curriculum goals.

Managers can check student progress by viewing the student’s home page, which is found in Employees > All Direct Reports or by running a report or query on the student’s progress towards a curriculum. With the ability to check student progress, the manager can work with the student to keep them on track to completing their curriculum goals.