Standard Reports

One of the most important parts of any training program is the ability to track training. LatitudeLearning offers 30 reports that can be used to review course transcripts, check up on student progress of certifications or curriculums, and even monitor who has paid for eCommerce courses.

While certain reports are student-based (for example, the Completed Transcripts by User Report - Course/Certification/Curriculum) others capture training by location (for example, the Completed Training History by Location Report).

In the example below, the LMS Administrator is using the Completed Transcripts by User Report – Course/Certification/Curriculum to take a snapshot of a user’s completed Certifications, Curriculums, and Courses. Pre-configured reports like the one portrayed in the screenshot below allow you to monitor student progress on the micro level (courses) and macro level (certifications/curriculums) in one view.

Another example of a useful Standard Report is shown in the screenshot below. An LMS Administrator is using the Evidence of Competency by Course Report to review course transcripts for an entire location. Being able to track training at the organization level gives the Administrator access to course-specific detail for all users at this location in one snapshot.

Most reports can be generated in four ways: as a PDF, Excel, CSV, and to the screen. With the flexibility in generating reports, the number of pre-configured reports, and the four ways to display results, LMS Administrators have a great degree of flexibility when it comes to making sure students are on the right track.

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