For companies that employ certified training programs, LatitudeLearning is an ideal learning management partner. Training Programs organize one or more certification tracks into time-bound units during which students can achieve, or complete, a Certification or Curriculum. Set up "ever green" Programs to run parallel based on user's job title, or create a new Program each year to require annual certification. 

Training Programs are often presented in one year increments, which allow students several months to get certified, and will require them to get re-certified in the next year's program. Let's use the manufacturing industry as an example. A company requires all technicians to be trained in Model Year 2019 Chassis by end of year 2019, so they create a program to begin December 1, 2018 and end December 31, 2019. Once a technician completes all their coursework and meets service performance goals for the 2019 Chassis Certification, they will be certified until the last day of the year.

Goal Rules can be configured to automatically transition certified users to the next year's program requirements, ensuring annual compliance is met.