Training Structure

The LatitudeLearning Training Structure is a complement of your Business Structure, to comprise the entire LMS Organization. While the Business Structure is divided into four levels to help organize users, the Training Structure is divided into four levels to help organize and facilitate instructor led training. 

When configured effectively, the Training Structure should guide students into the training sessions they need at a facility that works best for their location. Utilize this feature to:

  • drive the training schedule based on course interest
  • limit who can enroll in a class offering by distribution list
  • automate offering enrollment based on user's location assignments
At the top of your LMS structure is the Company

The Company holds one or more Business Units, where Course and Resource catalogs are shared to users at associated Locations. 

A Locale can be a geographical region or business branch that supports instructor led training for one or more Locations.  

A Facility will represent either a physical building or a virtual environment where instructor-led training takes place. Facilities can be designed to reserve the Room and Equipment necessary to conduct a live training session, and Instructors are assigned to facilities as a way to coordinate their teaching schedules. 

Once an Instructor is assigned to a facility, they are able to schedule class offerings for users associated with their Locales. Instructors can then enroll students in the offering – and students will receive an invitation that specifies the meeting times, facility address, and room.