Training Structures

The LatitudeLearning Training Structure is a complement to the organization structure. While organization structures are divided into four levels - which help organize users - training structures are divided into four levels to help organize instructor led training.

Like organization structure, the company is the name of the portal. There is one company per structure. The business unit is the level that hosts the course catalog as well as resources. A Locale is a Training Structure which has a Business Unit parent and functions to support one or more Locations. A locale can be considered regional (e.g. East Coast, West Coast). In addition, for training situations that engage in instructor led training, one or more facilities will be associated with the Locale. A Facility is either a physical building or a virtual environment where instructor led training takes place. Facilities can be organized with Rooms and Equipment, and Instructors are assigned to Facilities as well. When an Instructor is assigned to a facility, they are able to create a class offering that is associated with the facility. Instructors can then enroll students in the offering – and students will receive an invitation to the offering that specifies the facility.

Training Structures organize instructor-led training. When configured effectively, Instructors will be assigned to the right facilities and students will get the in-person training they need at a facility that works best for their location.