LatitudeLearning offers Managers the ability to check on student progress by drilling down into the student home page. Using this feature, Managers can review progress of courses, as well as the completion status of certifications and curriculums as if he were the employee.

The Manager will find access to User Drill Down from the Employees tab. Once there, the Manager can use the Location Employees or All Direct Reports. Only a user who is superior to others in LatitudeLearning, by position hierarchy or managerial assignment, has access to the Employees tab.

User Drill Down is helpful for Managers who are interested in the progress of one student. This is also a useful feature during evaluations or performance reviews since Managers can open up the training history and view it side-by-side with the employee.

In the screenshot below, the Manager is drilling down into the subordinate’s History tab. Please note the yellow banner at the top and around the search results are a user interface feature that alerts the Manager that an impersonation is taking place. With visual cues, Managers will be alerted they are conducting a drill down activity - versus other times when they are viewing their own training progress.

With User Drill Down, Managers can check on the real-time progress of their subordinates from the student’s point of view. Knowing the status of courses, certifications, or curriculums is never more than a few clicks away.