Create ad hoc User Groups for mass enrollment, as an audience for an announcement, or to provide a common population for transcript reporting. With great flexibility, LMS Administrators can configure a user's profile as belonging to one or more User Groups.
  • Filter for mass enrollment – Training managers can search for a course and use the Enroll Others feature to open a user search tool. Inside this control, filter by User Group to retrieve a list of students and enroll them with a few clicks.
  • Audience for an announcement – Use the Announcement tool to create an audience and send them a custom message. When creating the recipient list, administrators may filter by one or more User Groups, making its members the target audience for messaging.
  • Population used for transcript reporting – Narrow the report results by selecting a User Group as one of the report filters. Only users who belong to the selected User Group will be returned in Report Results file.
Once a User Group is defined, user membership can be managed from multiple tools:
  • Manual User Import
  • Edit User Group > Employees
  • Edit User Profile > Groups
  • My Team > People > Edit User Groups

The screenshot below is an example of the Edit User Group page. From here, administrators can perform group management functions for an individual or a large population of users.