View Goals

View Goals is a way for students to check up on their progress towards certification and curriculum goals. They can access View Goals from their home page, Goals tab.

The View Goals is part of a series of steps performed by the user.

  1.  LMS Administrators may create certifications and curriculums for their learners in the training environment. Certifications and curriculums are typically training tracks that are assigned to a user based on their position code.
  2.  A Student who has an assigned certification or curriculum will navigate to the Goals tab on their home page to check on their progress towards these assigned programs, as seen in the screenshot below.

  3.  When the user clicks View, she is taken to the goals for the specified Certification or Curriculum. The screenshot below portrays how View Goals brings the user to the Certification Status page, where she see a listing of requirements - often courses - that are required to fulfill the given goal. If a course has not been completed for credit, the Student can click on the course name to enroll and complete course material. When she finishes all the courses in the certification, the goals will be met. She can then move on to other professional development goals.

With View Goals, Students and Managers can review Certification and Curriculum progress and drill into them to see specific goal requirements. After viewing goals, training is never more than a click away, making it easy for Students to complete required coursework and become certified in new skills.