Offerings are specific times that the instructor led training will be taught in a specific facility. These can be created by Instructors or LMS Administrators. When creating the offering, they can set a maximum enrollment limit. This helps keep the size of the class within the space available for students inside the classroom. When the offering has reached the maximum enrollment count, students will be put on a waitlist for the offering. Waitlist Processing helps regulate the enrollment of students in classroom offerings that have reached their maximum enrollment limit.

Waitlist Processing will take place in two different ways:

  1.  A student is trying to enroll in a classroom offering that has reached its maximum enrollment. When the student views the offering and clicks enroll, he will be presented with an enrollment dialog that says the course offering is currently full. At this point, the student can add himself to the waitlist – at which point the Instructor can view the list of students on the waitlist and override their status, changing it from “waitlist” to “scheduled”. This way, these students will be enrolled in the course offering via waitlist override. On the other hand, if the Instructor does not override the student’s status, the student at the top of the waitlist will be added to the roster in the event someone drops out of the offering.
  2.  Alternatively, Instructors or Administrators can use Enroll Others to choose students who they want to enroll in the offering. If the offering has reached maximum enrollment, the Instructor or Administrator will see a message indicated there are no seats available in the offering. They can choose to:
    • add student to the waitlist
    • add offering to student’s Interest List (so student can select a best time)
    • enroll to limit (and take no additional action for additional students)
    • override the available seat limits (which will forgo the waitlist and enroll students beyond the maximum).

The screenshot below portrays how the Instructor has the choice to add students to the waitlist or override the available seat limit.

Waitlist Processing works with the offering enrollment maximum limit and gives the Instructor options when students are placed on the offering waitlist. With the Instructor's override, students can always be added to a class that has reached its maximum enrollment. With Waitlist Processing, LatitudeLearning offers a transparent way to maintiain class rosters while allowing for deliberate overrides.