Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classrooms are webinars that are completely integrated into the learning management system. Unlike linkouts to other webinar tools, instructors can easily schedule, conduct, and roster virtual classroom courses without ever leaving the LMS.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is based on Adobe Flash® technology and Adobe Flash Player software is already installed on virtually all Internet-connected computers allowing invitees to easily attend your meetings without the need for additional downloads. Adobe Connect offers Web Meetings, Training and Events.

Automatic Roster Processing

The LMS automatically tracks student attendance in courses delivered via virtual classrooms. Instructors can use this tracking to let the LMS automatically roster course offerings by setting the Percent Complete Required for Credit for the course.

Automatic Video Playback

Instructors can choose to video record virtual classroom sessions. Recorded webinar sessions will be automatically available to students for video playback. Recorded sessions are also available to instructors and administrators for video downloading and editing.

Multi-Session Scheduling

For most webinars tools, scheduling multi-session course offerings is challenging. With Latitude's Virtual Classrooms scheduling multi-session course offerings is easy. Simply identify all the meeting times associated with the course offering and LatitudeLearning will schedule the sessions.

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LMS Virtual Classroom Online Tab
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Adobe Connect Video Overviews