LMS Customization

"The ease at which the LMS can be customized to meet the organizations needs is the key to overall customer satisfaction."

At Latitude we believe your learning management system should adapt to you. That's why we've included a set of congifuration and operation tools to help you configure your LMS to your needs.

But sometimes configuration tools aren't enough.

Sometimes you need the flexibility that only comes from customizing the software source code.

LMS Customization

How do you get the flexibility of code customization while keeping the advantages of a cloud-based package solution?

Most software vendors say this is impossible. At best they give you the choice to:

  • Stay on the cloud-based SaaS solution and live without your customization, or

  • Branch the code so your customization can be implemented but your solution is no longer upgrade capable

At Latitude we say "Rubbish!" That's a false choice.

We've architected our LatitudeLearning to enable us to insert client specific customizations into individual LMS portals. We call it Feature Management™. Feature Management™ allows us to turn specific pieces of code on or off for specific LMS portals.

Feature Management™ enables us to customize the software source code of your cloud-based LMS to meet your exact specifications.