Assessment Authoring

Online Assessments

Use your LMS to create assessment tests. Assessment Authoring enables you to create, deliver and analyze a range of assessments from simple quizzes to sophisticated exams. Assessment Authoring Key features include:

   Creating online assessments, quizzes, tests and exams
   Define multiple test objectives and sub-objectives
   Shuffle question choices for learners in real-time
   Shuffle assessment questions in real-time
   Add images to your questions
   Add images to your answers
   Manage test versions
   Support for direct HTML markup
   Control participant test attempts
   Several different question types
   Question pools for each test objective
   Disabling of cutting and pasting during test sessions
   Session timing controls

Question Types
LatitudeLearning Assessment Authoring supports the following question types:

   Multiple choice - the participant selects one choice from a list of possible answers. There is no limit to the length of each answer.

   Multiple response - similar to multiple choice except the participant is not limited to choosing one response; he/she can select none, one or more of the choices offered.

   Knowledge Matrix - this question type presents several multiple-choice questions together where the participant selects one choice for each statement or question presented. This question type is used to cross-relate responses from a single item.

   Word response (text match) - the participant types in a single word or a few words to indicate their answer.

   True/False - the participant selects "true" or "false" in response to the question.