Subscription Management

Manage Client Course Subscriptions

Subscriptions Management extends blended learning support in the LMS by providing a set of tools to easily manage course subscription programs. Course subscriptions are collections of courses that organizations (i.e clients, franchises, stores, etc.) subscribe to. When an organization subscribes to a course subscription, learners within the organization can enroll in the courses included in the subscription without any additional management approval or payment.

Subscription Management also updates the student's home page, providing them with dynamic, at-a-glance access to subscription courses that are available to them. Subscription Management includes the following functionality:

   Create and manage course subscription programsLMS Administrators can add (and manage) new subscription programs. This includes defining start and end dates for the given programs and provides users the ability to search for subscription programs by program code or name.

   Create and manage courses with subscription-specific course delivery types - Administrators can now add new e-learning titles to the course catalog and tie them directly to one of the available subscription programs during the Add Course process.

   Manage subscription assignments by location (organization) - Administrators can assign subscriptions to a given LMS location (i.e. client, dealer, branch, franchise, store, etc.). This includes the ability to define effective dates for the subscription period. Once a subscription is assigned and becomes effective for a given location, student-users will have at-a-glance access to available subscription titles under the 'Available Subscription Courses' area of their home page. And from there, students can click to launch any desired e-learning courses.