Managing Training

Just the thought of having to manage training across hundreds of locations can be daunting - but this the reality for most training managers.

LatitudeLearning makes it easy to manage training for individual groups, as well as tailor learning for users by Location.

In the LatitudeLearning LMS, Locations are simply the virtual space where students are grouped and training occurs. Our Location feature allows the LMS Administrator to place students into individual groups based on any criteria. Some common criteria for Location grouping can include:

  • grouping by region
  • grouping by type (partners, stores, agents, brokers, resellers, clients, etc.)
  • grouping by role (cashier, host, waitress, etc.)
  • grouping based on tuition (eCommerce, billing)

In addition to specified training, Locations also function as a branding tool. This feature will allow you to show users different content based on your unique training program. Differentiating content includes: featured courses, header logo, default language, customized home page, stylesheet, individual location-specific login page, and self-registration pages.

There's so much more to learn about Locations. Read more!