Tailored LMS

Organizations that don't follow a typical organizational hierarchy will find that they are forced to conform in order to fit into a traditional LMS.This is unacceptable when the success of your organization solely rests upon your unique business model. In high stake training programs, the LMS should adapt to you. Not the other way around.

Latitude understands that you have a unique, successful business model which you need to sell to your partners. This includes unique training processes and workflows that are core to your mission and cannot be changed to generic workflows. We've architected LatitudeLearning to be able to tailor to your unique needs. The three main capabilities that allow us to do that are:

  • Site Text - This feature allows us to change labels, or section names, of the LMS in order to align with your organization's training program. For example, the Course Catalog is where course offerings are housed in the LMS, but you may decide that it makes more sense for you to call this the Course Directory. The site text feature will allow you to rename the Course Catalog.
  • Feature Management - Gain access to every element on every page with Feature Management. With Feature Management's role-based security, we can modify which LMS functions are available to your students, managers, instructors and administrators.
  • myLMS™ - Is a proprietary program created with our clients in mind. Here, you have access to inject custom code and create custom workflows to tailor to your exact specifications.

While other LMS vendors don't allow you to tailor SaaS platforms, Latitude understands and appreciates the need for customization.