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Our Setup Services provide you with the support you need to successfully configure and launch your LMS.


SurefireSetup™ is our process for ensuring a successful implementation of your LMS.
This approach was created for those that would like Latitude to take the lead
and manage your LMS implementation from start to finish.

SurefireSetup™ Levels
Program Gold   Silver   Bronze   Price
Users up to 2,000 up to 1,000 up to 500 €23,000
Locations up to 200 up to 100 up to 50 €16,000
Courses up to 30 up to 20 up to 10 €8,000
Bundles of 1,000 Users, 100 Locations, and 10 Courses can be added to the Gold SurefireSetup™ program for a fee of €4,500 per bundle.

A La Carte Setup

A La Carte Services can be purchased if you wish to implement your own LMS.
They can also be added as additions to your SurefireSetup™.

Training Services



Configuration Services
€155 per hour

Technical Services
€155 per hour
Modification Services

Fixed Fee + 20% per year
Fixed Fee
Data Migration Services
User import (standard format)
Transcript Import (standard format)
Organization Import (standard format)
Course Catalog Import (standard format)
€2,215 per load

Integration Services
Single Sign-On* (standard approach)
User Integration* (standard format)
Performance Data Integration* (standard format)
Organization Integration* (standard format)

*Annual fee of €2,215 for software assurance applies.

User-Based Pricing

Our monthly user-based model provides you with a maximum number of active-users*
that can have an unlimited number of course enrollments.

Active Users   Price
Per User/Month
1-100   FREE
101-1,000   €0.55
1,001-5,000   €0.50;
5,001-10,000   €0.45
10,001-20,000   €0.40;
20,001+   Contact Us

Annual plan: Buy 10 months, get 2 months FREE!

Enrollment-Based Pricing

Our annual enrollment-based model offers annual subscriptions that allow
a maximum number of course enrollments for an unlimited number of active-users.

Enrollment-based pricing enables training organizations to align their LMS costs with their enrollment-based revenue.

Annual Enrollment Commitment   Price
Per Enrollment/Year
1,000-5,000   €2.45
over 5,000   €2.25

*Active-users are users with active login credentials that allow them to log into the LMS.
Inactive-users are users that cannot log into the LMS. There is no cost for inactive-users.
All LMS user data for inactive-users is retained for reporting and analysis.
Inactive-users can be reactivated at any time.

Have a Legacy Standard LMS? Click here for pricing.

Contract Options

Our multiple contract terms give you the ability to maximize flexibility while minimizing costs.
Take advantage of the opportunity to lock in your LMS prices, as well as receive discounts off your first year access fee.

No risk contract. Cancel at anytime.

Contract Terms   Credits
2 year contract   15% off
3 year contract   30% off
4 year contract   50% off
5 year contract   75% off
NOTE: Percentage off is applied to 1st year access fee

Enterprise Options

Do you want to modify your LMS's Source Code?

Do you want your staff to maintain your learning management system?

Do you want direct access to your learning database?

If you answered YES to one of these questions, one of our Enterprise LMS options may be the solution for you.



Regardless of the configurations you select, your LMS can be expanded to support your needs.

Student Language Packs
Language packs can be added to the student-view pages of your learning management system. When language packs are added LatitudeLearning automatically presents page content in the user's preferred language based on their browser settings.
Contact us for pricing.

  Virtual Classroom
Virtual Classrooms are webinars that are integrated into the learning management system. It brings together voice, video, data, and graphics in a structured online learning environment that scales to hundreds of supported users.
€700/yr or €70/month

Operational Services help operate your LMS after you launch.
These services provide ongoing support to help manage your training program.

On Demand Services

On demand services provide you with convenient and reliable, high-quality consulting.
Whether you have a major technical issue that needs addressing, or just need simple customization changes, we are here to help.

€157 per hour  

Subscription Services

Subscription-based services are offered with an up-front pricing model that renews once funding is consumed.
Clients that require a significant amount of resources greatly benefit from subscription-based operational services.

(automatically renews)

Program Discount    Consultant    Renewal Level   
Gold       20% €126/hour €10,000 +
Silver     15% €133/hour €5,000 - €9,999
Bronze   10% €140/hour €1,000 - €4,999

Training Administrator Services

Now that your training program is in place, let us help you administer & manage your training program.
Training administrator services provide you (in increments of 1/8) a full-time employee to be at your service.
This service gives you a dedicated (and named) administrator to help administer your organization's training program.

1/8 FTE €1,140 per month

Latitude CG is happy to announce Unlimited Chat Support for paying clients.
Have a question? Need some help? Let's chat!