LMS Roadmap

Technology is forever changing, and so is your LMS. We have updated our technology platform, enhanced the functionality of the system and embraced a direction to enhance the system for a broad spectrum of industries. Now we want your input!

Join your LMS community by participating in discussions on the enhancements that are important to you and your organization. Vote for the enhancement that you would like to see go live by "liking" and commenting on the post.


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Proposed Enhancements

30 Likes  Like New Student User Interface

23 Likes  Like Enable catalog selection for new Business Units

16 Likes  Like Copy Course Button

16 Likes  Like Automated Messaging Options for Course Enrollment

14 Likes  Like Visual Picture of Organizational and Positional Hierarchies

13 Likes  Like Support for Asian Languages

12 Likes  Like New Admin User Interface

11 Likes  Like Add Department Field

10 Likes  Like Share Questions across Assessments

10 Likes  Like Enhance Add Interest to use Advanced User Search with Unlimited Users

9 Likes  Like P2P Reporting - Display Subordinates in Manager User Profile

8 Likes  Like Simplifying Processes

8 Likes  Like New Manager User Interface

7 Likes  Like Update Resource Library page, Improve Search Results

7 Likes  Like User "Isn't" Search Operator

7 Likes  Like Certifications Setup

7 Likes  Like Edit Profile - Make User Group Picker Multi-Select

6 Likes  Like Data Sets for the Reporting Engine

6 Likes  Like Rename Organization Units to reflect network of organizations

5 Likes  Like Associate Assessment Survey and Pre/Post Test with a Course

5 Likes  Like Custom User Fields

5 Likes  Like Create Administrator APIs

4 Likes  Like Enhance user merge to work with Person-to-Person Reporting

4 Likes  Like Enable N-tier Business Organization Structures

4 Likes  Like Direct Reports Switch for Approvals tab

4 Likes  Like Enhance Featured Course and Subscription Course Lists with Action Buttons

4 Likes  Like Create a wizard for adding users

4 Likes  Like Multi-SCO Courses

4 Likes  Like Attachments for Notifications and Announcements

4 Likes  Like User Search Criteria: P2P User, Manager, Alternate Manager

4 Likes  Like SCORM Files

4 Likes  Like Too Many Clicks

4 Likes  Like Configurable Home Page

4 Likes  Like Recurring Offerings

4 Likes  Like Remove Cap on Employee Count

4 Likes  Like Courses To Complete -- Add HTML widget to top of page

4 Likes  Like Redo Classic reports using the New Reporting Engine

3 Likes  Like Section Header for each objective in an Assessment

3 Likes  Like Add WYSIWYG editor to Announcements

3 Likes  Like Add automated message for Certification/Curriculum assignment

3 Likes  Like BU-Specific Settings for Courses

3 Likes  Like Assign a dynamic Featured Course list based on users' Location, Position Code, User Group, or Audience Membership

3 Likes  Like Configurability at Organizational Level

3 Likes  Like LMS Setup Enhancement

3 Likes  Like Use of Icons in UI

3 Likes  Like Add User Page Should Allow Partial Address

3 Likes  Like Customer Location Fields

3 Likes  Like Display End-Dated Overlapping Profiles

3 Likes  Like Create Manager APIs

3 Likes  Like Create a set of Student API's

3 Likes  Like Enhance the Department Certification and Curriculum pages to include staff with non-subordinated position codes

2 Likes  Like Automated Messaging Options for Course Completion

2 Likes  Like Advance Notice Reminder Schedule

2 Likes  Like Notifications of Registrations

2 Likes  Like Auto Enrollment in Offering from Interest List

2 Likes  Like User Move Restriction

2 Likes  Like New Navigation for all Roles

2 Likes  Like New UI Course Catalog for Students

2 Likes  Like Add Featured Courses to list of options for LMS Information > Login Landing Page setting

2 Likes  Like Create more flexible mass enrollment tool

2 Likes  Like Add Print Icon to Certification Tree

2 Likes  Like Add due date to enroll others

2 Likes  Like Courses To Complete -- add progress indicator

2 Likes  Like Add Position column to User Profiles view

2 Likes  Like Mobile SCORM player

2 Likes  Like Enhance Report Standard Filters to allow multiple value selection

2 Likes  Like Remove Position Scoping Logic from All Administrator Roles

2 Likes  Like Report Distribution

2 Likes  Like Gamification: Level Up!

2 Likes  Like SMS Text Messaging

2 Likes  Like Courses To Complete -- Add course Resource list to details expando

1 Likes  Like My Training Calendar

1 Likes  Like Add "Suggest Enhancement" link to Site Management menu

1 Likes  Like Improve LMS Help Text

1 Likes  Like Mobile Application

1 Likes  Like Make all record search tools return first 25 matches in list

1 Likes  Like Restructure Report Writer into Standard LMS Setup Wizard

1 Likes  Like Improve Messaging Functionality in the new UI

1 Likes  Like Self-Study Completion Requires Approval

1 Likes  Like When user clicks on a course resource it should open the resource instead of taking user to resource details page.

1 Likes  Like Update SCORM Deployment Process to clear Bookmark data

1 Likes  Like Create Payment Page in new UI

1 Likes  Like Add an option to add instructor in the process of creating a course offering

1 Likes  Like Add Course Score as a criteria to Audience, Goal Rule & Assign Goals pages

1 Likes  Like Enhance Goal Assignments Wizards to Open in Modal

1 Likes  Like Create a "Content" icon that uses HTML content

1 Likes  Like User Self Registration Enhancements

1 Likes  Like Enhance Administrative Search Pages Requirements

1 Likes  Like Update Subscription Courses page in the new UI

1 Likes  Like Create new Featured Courses page, add icon indicator to highlight new items

0 Likes  Like Adding Assessment Entity Type in Reporting

0 Likes  Like Default Group Sizing to one size, hide others

0 Likes  Like Personal Home Page

0 Likes  Like Add announcement text to bulk enroll list

0 Likes  Like Create tool for mass transcript edit

0 Likes  Like Enhance Scheduled Training Calendar

0 Likes  Like Make the LMS LTI compatible

0 Likes  Like Enrollment Restrictions should consider Equivalency Credit

0 Likes  Like Add Rejected Approval Requests to Administrator Tool

0 Likes  Like Improve data "picker" terminology

0 Likes  Like Course Catalog - Rename "View Offerings" button to "Register"

0 Likes  Like Add relationship criteria to search Organizations, Positions, Users

0 Likes  Like Portal Admins adding Profiles

0 Likes  Like Translate LMS Role values

0 Likes  Like Team Courses Page

0 Likes  Like User Generated Messages

0 Likes  Like Add Edit Icon to Navigation Page

0 Likes  Like Move landing page and home page drop down

0 Likes  Like Course Group Enhancements

0 Likes  Like Required Course Enrollment -- Create modal message for conflicts

0 Likes  Like Ability to attach Resource records to a Classroom/Virtual Classroom Course

0 Likes  Like Extend Featured Courses to all Org and Position groups

0 Likes  Like Provide user account option to upload photo

0 Likes  Like Leaderboard Enhancement

0 Likes  Like Dashboards

0 Likes  Like Goal Expiration Date

0 Likes  Like Add more criteria options to Audience

0 Likes  Like WYSIWYG Editor and Native Styles

0 Likes  Like Change Course Topics to Topics and allow admins to tag resources with topics

0 Likes  Like Improvements to Latitude Connect and Latitude Learning

0 Likes  Like Make Courses to Complete page Sortable by date/course name, etc.

0 Likes  Like Automate Roster Processing

0 Likes  Like Enhance Assessment Question Toolset

0 Likes  Like Tin Can API and xAPI compatibility