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Unintentionally Deleting User Group Membership

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LMS UI makes User Groups seem like a User object attribute, but it's actually a Profile attribute, tied to whichever is flagged "Primary" at time of group assignment.

If you Search User and open account, you will see a "User Groups" tab that allows admins to view/assign/remove groups. However, it does not tell admins which Profile each group is tied to.

So if I have a profile at Location A and belong to 3 groups, then move to Location B none of my group assignments move with me (relationship is end dated in database, but no indication thu UI).

This has been VERY painful for one client since their HRIS integration because client relies so heavily on User Groups for LMS reporting services, and assignments are "deleted" with each user move. Requires manual administration to reassign.

We need to either 1.) make User Groups a "true" user attribute or 2.) enhance User Group tab to make assignment more visible and user friendly.

As always, much appreciated.


ALSO FROM A CLIENT: Whenever of our employees transfers from one location to another, their User Group memberships get wiped out. This necessitates that we pay close attention to who transfers so that we can go in and manually put them back into the User Groups they were already in before their transfer. This is a duplication of effort that we hope to avoid. Please stop wiping out a person's User Groups just because they get transferred to another location. 

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