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User Groups and Profiles

Go Live: 12/31/2019        Phase: Requirements         62 Likes  Like            1 Comments

LMS UI makes User Groups seem like a User object attribute, but it's actually a Profile attribute, tied to whichever is flagged "Primary" at time of group assignment. If you Search User and open account, you will see a "User Groups" tab that allows admins to view/assign/remove groups. However, it does not tell admins which Profile each group is tied to. So if I have a profile at Location A and belong to 3 groups, then move to Location B none of my group assignments move with me (relationship is end dated in database, but no indication though UI). 

I am proposing that we treat user group membership the same way we are now treating enrollments, which move with the student's change in location profiles. It would be a good enhancement to move student's user  group membership if they change locations; this would relieve a lot of stress on administrators who go back into the system again and again to reset user group membership manually.


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    Nice add to product.

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