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Create tool for mass transcript import / edit

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Recently, I had to mass update transcripts for external courses attended by my organization's employees. I had to do it one by one. I like how Sharepoint can give an edit view to power users on a page listing all the document records and we can mass update the properties of the document at one go. 

My case on Latitude's LMS is that more than 20 employees had attended several in-house group training conducted by an external trainer. After I added the course to the system, I had to do a user search, click on the profile update, click on history, click on Add New Transcript, search for course, select course, update the compulsory fields in the user record, submit, and the whole cycle repeats again and do this 20+ times for each of the training they had completed. Here's a suggestion: After doing a blank user search of my organization which lists all the users on a page, have a feature to do Mass Transcript update where we can do a one time course search, check box all users that had attended the course, then do a mass update. That'll be more productive for administrators.

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