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Create Certification Level page and icon

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On the Add/Edit Certification page rename Ordinal to Certification Level.

 Create a new Certification Level page as follows:

1.       If the user has achieved a certification with a certification level > 0,

a.       Display a trophy with “Level:” Highest Achieved Certification Level and Position Group Name displayed on the trophy

b.      Below trophy add label “Congratulations! You by achieving the certification(s) below you earned the LeveL:” highest achieved certification, position group name

c.       List the certifications achieved with the highest certification level

2.       Add “To earn your Level:” next highest certification level, position group name “achieve one of the certifications below”

3.       List the certifications with the next highest certification level


Enhance Navigation Editor page to include Certification Level icon (fa-trophy)


Enhance Navigation page to include Certification Level icon. If the user has achieved a certification with a level > 0, display the level number on the trophy

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