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Assessment > Launch > Score Test. Rename “Score Test” button to “Submit”

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Assessment > Launch > Score Test = Submit. Rename “Score Test” button to “Submit”. Makes it easier to sell as a survey tool, when there is no test to score.

On the Assessment, I like submit. Another annoyance is that “Score Test” is position close to the question but “Next” is not. It would seem intuitive for me to have Next and Score Test reversed. Several times I’ve accidentally scored my test when all I wanted was to move to the next question.  Using Submit will make that even more confusing. Some assessment tools and elearning quizzes use “Submit” to score that question then proceed to the next one. It should be clear that Next is what you click until there is no more Next and Submit is all that’s left. It would be nice if Submit/Score Test didn’t even come up until it’s completed. 


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