Operational Services

Operational Services help operate your LMS after you launch. These services provide ongoing support to help manage your training program.

Operational Services are offered either On Demand or Subscription based.

On Demand Services
It's like having your own IT Department - one hour at a time. Latitude's on demand services provide you with convenient and reliable, high-quality consulting. Whether you have a major technical issue that needs addressing, or just need simple customization changes, we are here to help.

Subscription Services
Subscription-based services are offered with an up-front pricing model that renews once funding is consumed. Clients that require a significant amount of resources greatly benefit from subscription-based operational services.

Typical Operational Services include (but not limited to):
  • Ask questions and receive guidance on how to use LatitudeLearning
  • Outsource part, or all of your training administration
  • Reconciling daily import errors
  • Technical changes
  • Configuration services (post launch)
  • Customization services (feature management, site text, coding changes)
  • Building custom reports
  • Creating and disseminating content
  • Updating content pages
  • Email and communication campaigns
  • Moderation of blog/forum