Content Provider Training

Retain Clients with Seamless Training Access

Content Providers provide a specialized instance of customer training - the product your customers purchase is training, instead of the typical relationship between an organization and its customer where the item being purchased is a product.

These type of Content Providers are prevalent in highly regulated industries, such as banking and the medical field.

Content Provider organizations are able to manage their training business using a learning platform as well as extend the learning platform's functionality to their customers. Enabling their customers to use the platform for their training needs, instead of just the training being provided by the content provider.

Content Providers face a few challenges when managing and selling training.

The unique functionality of allowing separate learning environments under one learning platform enables content providers to not only deliver training to multiple clients based on their different needs, but also delivers a one-stop training solution to clients - allowing content providers to capture a greater market share and pocket share of their customers' training dollars.

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