There are four steps involved in creating any training program: creating a student, creating a course, enrolling student in a course, and tracking progress. In this document we take a close look at the first of these four steps: creating a student.

Working Environment: Users > Add User.

1. To create a user, enter the required fields, keeping the default Organization and Position.

  • Enter a username, which needs to be unique for the system. The email address can be used as their username, since this is guaranteed to be unique.
  • Enter a password, which contains at least 8 characters and at least one upper case letter and one number.

2. Click on the Add User button at the bottom.

3. When you see the pop-up that announces “Congratulations!” respond that you are finished and exit the pop-up.

With these steps, you have manually created a student in your new portal. While other options for user creation are available, this is one way to begin working with students right away.