There are four steps involved in creating any training program: creating a student, creating a course, enrolling student in a course, and tracking progress. In this document we take a close look at the last of these four steps: tracking progress.

Working Environment:  Reports

You can make a report in one of two ways, by creating your own report using the Report Writer or through preconfigured reports.

To learn more about how to create a report on your own click here.  

To learn how to use a Classic Preconfigured Report follow the instructions below.

1. In the section Course Reports, select “Evidence of Competency by Course Report”.

2. In the next window, keep the pre-populated location and leave the course selection box empty. This will return students transcripts for all courses in this location. LatitudeLearning can deliver the report in 4 formats: PDF, Excel, Web View, and CSV.  Select Web View.

3. Click the Run Report button.

4. When the screen refreshes, you will see your employee’s course competency status.  If the employee has been enrolled with the “Enroll Others” function and has not started to complete the course requirements, the status will be listed as “Scheduled”.

With these steps, you have practiced tracking progress of students in your portal’s default location with the Evidence of Competency by Course Report.