Position Group Branding

Branding by Position Group allows a portal administrator to design a custom LMS experience for users based on their membership in a Position Group, an attribute associated with user's assigned Position Code. Branding options by Position Group include: What's New/Classic Home, the My Learning Center left navigation menu, the stylesheet, and the logos used in the header and course completion certificates. This capability makes it possible to present information to users that is more relevant to their position, such as promoting a new Sales certification program that is not required of other groups, such as Human Resources, Finance, or IT.

Functionally, when a user logs in, the LMS will identify their position group and display the selected branding customizations. Users who are not in the position group would be presented with their organization's default branding, or in the absence of any other custom branding, the overall portal default.

Step 1: Design your custom content for the Position Group

Set up the custom branding options you wish to associate with the position group:
  • Custom Left Navigation: For those with access to the My Learning Center/Administration menu, go to Site Management > Edit HTML Content, then copy the file custom_left_nav to a new name and make the desired menu link changes.
  • Custom Stylesheet: To change fonts, colors, and other site formatting, go to Site Management > Edit Stylesheetsthen copy the file stylesheet to a new name and make the desired style changes. You can also access this page directly from a link on the Add/Edit Position Group page.
  • Custom Header/Certificate Logos: To use a different logo for the position group, go to Site Management > Edit Images and upload the images. You can also access this page directly from a link on the Add/Edit Position Group page.
  • Custom What's New/Classic Home Page Content: To create specific content for position group members, go to Site Management > Edit HTML Content, then copy the file Home_page to a new name and make the desired content changes.

Step 2: Find and Edit the Position Group

  • From the Administration Menu, select Organizations > Search Position Groups.
  • Search for and select the desired Position Group to access the Add/Edit Position Group page.
  • In the Position Group Branding section, select the custom branding elements you want to associate with the position group. You only need to brand the portions you want to be different by group. If you have not already created a custom stylesheet or uploaded appropriate logos, links next to those fields provide quick access to do so directly from the Add/Edit Position Group page.
  • Click Submit. You can then log in or impersonate a user in the modified Position Group and to verify that the branding was successful.


What happens with multiple levels of branding?

Since it is also possible to brand the LMS at an organizational level, there must be an order of precedence when defining which branding experience should be presented to a user when they log in. LMS branding follows this order of precedence: 

Position Group Branding overrides >
Organization Branding overrides >
Portal language-specific default Branding

This means that if you use both Position group branding and Organization branding, any designated branding for a specific position group will display instead of the organization branding. If the LMS finds no branding for an element at the Position Group level, it will default to the Organization's  branding for that element and in the absence of that, the LMS default branding. 

Portal administrators can customize the look and feel of their LMS at any time by selecting from the following tools from the Administration menu under Site Management. Organization-specific branding is established on the Branding tab of the organization and when placed at a higher level (e.g. Division, Business Unit) the organizations under it inherit the new branding. LMS-wide branding defaults are maintained under Site Management > LMS Information.

  • Edit HTML Content: Some sections of the site allow customization by updating the existing HTML code. 
  • Edit Stylesheets: There are several cascading stylesheets that control the coloration, features, and overall layout of your portal. You can find most styles in the stylesheet.css file.
  • Edit Images: Upload images to use elsewhere in the LMS, such as HTML content and the header logo (established under LMS Information).

For basic instructions on using these features to re-design your LMS, see related document: Customize the LMS with Branded Content, Color, and Style