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LMS Training Webinars

If the Latitude Learning LMS is new to you as a Portal Administrator, or to your organization as a whole, please consider attending some of Latitude’s training webinars to help you master the important features of the LMS.

 Course Catalog

LMS Administrator Training Curriculum
Introduction to the LMS User Experience
Organization and Position Management
User Profile Management and Support Tools
Self-Study Course and Resource Catalog Management
e-Learning Course Management
Classroom Course Management
Offering Management and Instructor Management
Course Enrollment and Approvals
Introduction to Reporting
LMS Branding and Content Management
Standard Messaging and Announcements 
      Advanced LMS Administrator Training Curriculum 
Competency Overview and Preparation (Part 1)
Certification Setup and Goals Assignment (Part 2)
Curriculum Setup and Goals Assignment (Part 3)
Competency Monitoring and Reporting (Part 4)
Message Editor
Assessment Authoring and Management
e-Commerce Management and Reporting
User Self Registration Management
Subscription Management
User Import Tool
Organization Branding and Content Management

    LMS Add-On Training Curriculum
Virtual Classroom Management
Public Course Catalog Management
How to Enroll

Portal Administrators can view the upcoming training schedule by logging into your LMS portal and selecting, from the Left Navigation Menu, Site Management => LMS Training.

This link will route you to the LMS Support and Training portal. Login with current username and password to enroll in free or paid courses.


LMS Performance Support Documents

ENHANCEMENT: LMS Report Writer for Portal Administrators
ENHANCEMENT: New Reporting Engine
ENHANCEMENTS: Audience and Unlimited Course Enrollment
Administrative Data Scoping for Franchise Model Businesses
LatitudeLearning launches new look & feel of LMS
ENHANCEMENT: Browse Courses by Topic
Design Custom Home Pages for Position Groups
LMS Roles and Their Functions
LMS Information and Portal Configuration
ENHANCEMENT: Advanced User Search
ENHANCEMENT: Course Group Delivery Method
Send Announcements to Communicate with LMS Users
Manage User Reporting Hierarchy: Person-to-Person
LMS Mobile Site - Streamlined for training on the go
Enable Two Factor Authentication for Ease of Access
Merge Duplicate User Accounts
Establish Equivalency Rules to Grant Course Credit
Add an eLearning Course and Upload SCORM Content
Organize Course Catalogs by Major
Design Custom Brands for Individual Organization Units
Administrative Use of Interest Lists
Introduction to Certification and Curriculum Management
Offer Discount Coupons for LMS Course Tuition
Set up eCommerce to Monetize Your LMS
Paying Course Tuition in the LMS
Create a Self-Study Course for Self-Paced Training
Quick Profile Update
Attending a Virtual Classroom Course via Saba Centra
How to Sign Up for an LMS Training Webinar
Embed an Image or Video in Assessment Course Content
Edit LMS Messages and Manage Automated Notifications
Linking to LMS Courses from an External Website
Add Departments to Organize Users within Locations
Assemble Ad Hoc User Groups to Organize Learners in the LMS
Restrict Resource Visibility to Authorized Users Only
Using LMS Data Pickers to Conduct Searches and Edit Records
Process Rosters to Document Enrollment and Credit for Course Offerings
Managing Approvals
Setting Up a Course Deadline and Due Date Reminders
Restrict Course Visibility and Enrollment Timeline
Utilize Wait Lists for Classroom Course Enrollment
Set Prerequisite Rules for a Course or Course Series
Manage Student Training History - Review, Add, Edit Transcripts
Feature Courses on LMS Users’ Home Page
Bundle Multiple Courses into an Ordered Series
Create Subscription Programs for Specific LMS Locations
Add Student Training History for Past Course Offerings
Conduct Online Meetings and Webinars with Classroom Course Offerings
Enrolling Others in a Course
Create User Distribution Lists for Classroom Course Enrollment
Adding Classroom Courses and Offerings
User Self Registration Feature
Design Custom Content Pages in the LMS
Design Assessments to Evaluate Student Proficiency
Customize the LMS with Organization Branding, Color, and Style
Upgrading Your LMS with Add-Ons or Customized Features
Network, System, and Browser Requirements
Setting Up Your LMS Portal for Multiple Languages
Instructor Role - Access Rights and Functionality
Add a New Course to the LMS
Student Role - Access Rights and Functionality
Impersonate Users to Troubleshoot LMS Issues and Provide Support
Create and Manage Training Facilities
Student Use of Interest Lists
Set Default Location and Default Position Assignments for New Users
View or Print a Certificate of Completion
Create Resources to Support Learners and Enhance Training Programs
User Import Feature
Launch an Assessment, Self-Study or eLearning Course
Locate and Enroll in a Course
Portal Administrator Role - Access Rights and Functionality
Reset or Change Your Password
Maintain User Reporting Hierarchy: Position-to-Position
Manage User Account and Profile Records
Create and Manage Your Organization Structure
Add a New User to the LMS
Solutions to Common Problems Launching Courses
How do I playback a Free LMS Training Webinar I was enrolled in?
How to View Virtual Classroom Offering Attendance Reports
How Can I Quickly View My Employees Certification Goals?
How do I use the Guest URL feature in VCO?
How do I customize the look of my portal?

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LMS Training Videos

    How to Add a User
  • Define account types
  • Create/edit user profiles
  • Set access privileges

  How to Enroll in a Course
  • Update your personal information
  • Search the Course Catalog
  • Select and enroll in courses

  How to View Enrollment Reports
  • Define report parameters
  • Search reports
  • Select and view report data

  How to Customize Your LMS 
  • Add and Edit Logos
  • Update page colors
  • Customize text and links
  • Add or remove modules

  How to Edit LMS Messages 
  • Customize message text and links
  • Select Recipients
  • Edit the message header

  Certification and Curriculum Management
  • Overview of the LMS certification and curriculum management functionality

  Administrator Introduction to the LMS
  • Send announcements
  • Approve course enrollment requests
  • Add/Edit certifications and curriculums
  • Add/Edit courses in the Course Catalog
  • Add/Edit Organizations and Training Facilities 
  • Run Reports
  • Edit HTML Web Parts
  • Add/Edit Users

  How to Manage Organization Structures
  • Add and edit your Business Structure so you can organize your people
  • Add and edit your Training Structure so you can organize your training facilities

  How to Add a Classroom Course
  • Add and edit your course requirements
  • Add and edit your course description, resources and any necessary approvals

  How to Add an Offering
  • Offering descriptions and administrator notes
  • Add/Update course instructors
  • Update other course details and requirements

  How to Add a Self Study Course
  • Add/Edit courses, resources, and related content
  • Define course approval or certification requirements
  • Track student enrollment and course completion

  How to Add an Instructor
  • Add/Edit instructor credentials, profile info
  • Manage enrollments, interest lists, classroom offerings and student rosters
  • Authorize Instructors to teach specific courses

  How to Deploy SCORM Content
  • Configure and load a SCORM conformant file
  • Search for eLearning courses
  • Deploy a SCORM package to an LMS course

  Student Introduction
  • Update your personal information
  • Select and enroll in courses
  • Print Certificates of Completion

  How to Add an eLearning Course
  • Add/Edit course details and enrollment info
  • Manage course descriptions, required approvals, and certifications
  • Assign specific courses authorized for instruction

  How to Enroll Others
  • Search and select courses by location and type
  • Enroll users by location, type or position
  • Notify users of enrollment status and change activity
    How to Add a Course
  • Add and edit your course requirements
  • Add and edit your course description, resources and any necessary approvals