SurefireSetup™ is Latitude's approach to ensuring your LMS is successfully configured and launched. It is a sprint-based Agile approach that is rooted on two frameworks developed by Latitude:

Channel Performance Roadmap™ - identifies eight different types of training programs. For each type of training program, the Roadmap identifies measurable goals and strategies.


Training Workflow Wheel™ - identifies the six training workflows that execute the training strategy needed to achieve your training program goals. Three of the workflows are configuration (setup) oriented; the other three are operationally oriented.

SurefireSetup™ consists of four phases:

Project Kickoff - verifies the Roadmap developed during the sales process and outlines the project plan.

Discovery - analyzes and validates the detailed requirements for the LMS implementation.

Implementation - implements and launches the LMS.

Post Launch - resolves warranty issues and gathers client feedback.

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