What is a learning management system?

What is a learning management system

There are a variety of Learning Management Systems, so knowing which one to select for your organization is critical to your training program’s success. A learning management system, also referred to as an LMS, is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs.

What Are The Three Types of LMSs
  • Academic: k-12 and high education
  • Employee: Training within an organization for an employee to achieve career growth
  • Extended Enterprise: Training an organization offers outside of its enterprise “the building’s premises” such as partners, customers, etc.

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What The Future Holds
Hot topics in eLearning are ‘environment’ and ‘ecosystem,’ which is another way of saying “all-encompassing” learning. With the variety of choices and “noise” employees are dealing with on a daily basis, learning has been incorporated in all aspect of the work day.

An employee logs into their system to start their day will be greeted with a course or alert to take a course, this will become the norm. The employee will have a choice to take the course or wait until another point. The employee will also have the choice of where and how they can take the course.

In order to accommodate this new thinking LMSs have to be flexible, scalable and reliable.