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LatitudeLearning was designed specifically to manage extended enterprise training programs

Most learning management systems were designed for HR and organize employees by a single hierarchy, but the reality for extended enterprise training is more complicated than that.

LatitudeLearning was designed specifically to manage extended enterprise training programs. The learning platform makes it easier to deliver quality training across all channels of your extended network. Control consistency throughout the training process and deliver a tailored learning experience no matter who is on the receiving end.


Offering a familiar, branded environment to each of your audiences is a for sure way to increase learner engagement.

LatitudeLearning allows you to create customized stylesheets that can be used to brand elements of the LMS, like background color, button style, tabs style, and other system display options. Stylesheets are one of the features that can be assigned based on a user's location, so students can log in and receive a look and feel tailored to your partner's organization. Administrators also have the ability to upload images and assign branded logos to portals. Like stylesheets, logo images can also be specified per location.

Field Organizations

Field support is commonly used among the Original Equipment Manufacturing industry. Depending on the complexity of your organization, you may have more than one relationship with each service partner. For example, an authorized sales and service provider might report to one field organization for sales and another for service. The support of field organization structures is crucial for extended enterprise training programs.

LatitudeLearning is built to enable these unique training hierarchies with no workarounds. In LatitudeLearning, a single location can be part of multiple field organizations. Each one is organized independently and has its own structure expressed in the system.

Performance Metrics

Product training is closely tied to partner performance outcome - making the incorporation of performance metrics business-critical to extended enterprise training programs. Common metrics include: sales performance, customer satisfaction rating, performance based-certification, fixed right the first time percentage and customer usage.

LatitudeLearning makes it easy to define and embed performance metrics into your training and certification programs.

Content Management

Tailored learning content is arguably the most crucial aspect of an extended enterprise training program. Delivering the right type of content to the right audience at the right time plays a tremendous role in the success of a training program and an organization as a whole.

LatitudeLearning enables branded training at the course level and at the organization level. Administrators have the ability to structure, deliver and track content to certain learning audiences - making the management of multiple audience's content a breeze.

Multi-Role Learners

It's common for employees to take on multiple roles in an organization, and to work at multiple locations. Assuming more responsibility is closely tied to an individual's abilities rather than job title alone. This means two employees with the same job title may need different training. Supporting multi-role learners in an extended enterprise training program is essential to ensure the correct training is always delivered.

LatitudeLearning allows training to be assigned across all job positions and roles, not just an employee's primary position or job title.

Matrixed Organizations

With an increased desire to train extended audiences, the rise of multi-role learners has emerged. Multi-role learners forces us to re-evaluate what we've come to know as the typical, single-hierchary in which most LMSs are built for. Extended enterprise training programs must accommodate for a matrixed learning environment - employees reporting to different managers across multiple departments or locations. Structuring and managing training programs for matrixed organizatins is challenging, or impossible, in traditional monolithic HR LMS solutions.

LatitudeLearning supports matrixed training through configurable organization structures and reporting relationships.

Learner Paths

A typical extended enterprise training program will consist of both employees within the four walls of your organization as well as your extended audiences. Internal learners (employees) will have different learning paths than that of your external learners (extended network audiences).

LatitudeLearning enables simple setup of these learning paths than can be configured to include compliance training, career development training, product training, partner training and training tied to performance. With the use of multiple content catalogs, you can deliver the right training to the right learner in the right place.

Audience Rules

Having different relationships with different partners means different approaches to training and separate audience-specific workflows. How partner employees are assigned login credentials, how they're organized, what their training goals are, how training is reported and so much more is vastly different from each other.

LatitudeLearning allows training managers to define dynamic audience-specific rules for things like enrollment, announcements and training goals.

User Management

When administering training to multiple audiences, it's not uncommon for user count to reach hundreds of thousands - making user management an important aspect of an extended enterprise training program.

LatitudeLearning offers the flexibility to organize learners into separate audiences, or groups. Within each group training managers have the functionality to delegate the group's configuration, administration and content strategies.

LatitudeLearning also provides easy modeling of partner reporting relationships and data scoping using flexible Position Code hierarchies. Opening the door for training administrators to enable partners to manage user access and approvals.


Training extended audiences requires content that is tailored to their unique needs. Training multiple segments of a business requires a range of training programs. An extended enterprise training program must rely on a learning platform that can accommodate these unique requirements.

With LatitudeLearning, we have the capability to build customized, audience specific workflows to meet the complexities of your different training requirements.

Complex Certifications

In addition to typical coursework and knowledge assessments, extended enterprise training often includes a range of skill areas, levels of achievement, performance outcomes and other complex requirements.

LatitudeLearning's Certification Engine provides powerful skills development and competency management tools. Mix prerequisites, equivalencies, elevtives and mandatory courses with performance data to create certifications that drive employee performance.

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"Well-trained associates who can offer knowledgeable advice are critical to independent pet stores' success and survival. We've been able to create a customized user interface that's tailored to retailer's specific needs and comfort level with technology, while tapping into a stable and well-supported LMS on the backend."

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"With half of our company's staff being spread out across the country (and world), LatitudeLearning has allowed us to provide the same training to all employees, not just those at one location. LatitudeLearning eliminates frustration by allowing employees to take training courses conditional to their own schedule."

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