How We Resolve Your Issues

It’s easy to say we provide consistent and good customer service. But at Latitude we take it a step further. Not only do we guarantee consistency, we stand behind it with hardcore data.

Client-generated tickets

Latitude's ClientCare is not your average customer service team. In 2018, ClientCare resolved 99.68% of all client-generated tickets in less than 30 days. With a median Days to Close of 3.89 days.

How are we able to quickly resolve your requests and issues when other vendors can't? Latitude's ClientCare team consist of both training administrators and technical personal ready and able to tackle your obstacles. By having the skills necessary on one team, we eliminate the need to hand work off to someone else - which creates longer wait times and ineffective communication for you.

Release Schedule

A new version of LatitudeLearning is released every other week.

This frequent software update schedule is how we're able to deliver on our promise of resolving your issues within a 30-day period. It gives us two shots to get it right and offers you the opportunity to ensure the issue is fixed to your standard before the next release.

Frequent software updates also means we never have a backlog of bug inventory - ensuring that you are never left tapping your toes waiting for the new software version that contains the fix to your issue to be released.

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