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Why Latitude?
Most learning management systems were designed for HR and organize employees by a single hierarchy, but the reality for extended enterprise training is more complicated than that.

LatitudeLearning was designed specifically to manage extended enterprise training programs. The learning platform makes it easier to deliver quality training across all channels of your extended network. Control consistency throughout the training process and deliver a tailored learning experience no matter who is on the receiving end.


Michael Rochelle
"LatitudeLearning®, their learning platform product satisfies the most stringent requirements in the extended enterprise partner learning space to receive this recognition. Latitude has taken their training platform beyond employee training and into managing partner training programs which offers a powerful tool for organizations that are dealing with geographically dispersed partners."
Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group
Harvard Business Review
"The brutal fact is that about 70% of all change initiatives fail."
Article, "Cracking the Code of Change"
LatitudeLearning® is the solution with a low 1.2% implementation fail rate since 2016.
Laurie Rengel, Manager of Service Dealer Development, Polaris Industries
Latitude's solution is perfect for the Dealer industry. The brilliant thing about Latitude is that they have experience with a dealer network distribution channel. One of the main reasons why we made a switch to Latitude was because we are looking to penetrate within the dealerships more broadly.
-- Patrick Kittle, Director, Chrysler Group
With the help of Latitude solutions, the Chrysler Group is able to extend learning and certification courses to dealers, gauge dealer performance and identify critical factors that impact overall dealership performance.
-- Jim Wedoff, Technical Trainer, UniCarriers America Corporation
Latitude’s LMS is very concise and does exactly what we need it to do such as deploy and record content as well as allow our technicians to be certified. If there is ever a compliance issue it is very simple to verify which technicians have taken which courses in the look-up process.
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