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An LMS for Extended Enterprise Learning That’s There for You

LatitudeLearning is driven by a mission to succeed where others fail. Whether it’s our technology consulting arm or our learning management system, we’re proud to say that we have an all-time success rate of 100 percent.

Since 2003, Latitude has helped extended enterprise clients use technology to drive measurable performance. From the largest of the Fortune 500 to leading middle-market firms, we deliver results when others have failed. Our commitment to help companies get the most out of the partners and technology investments they make is our passion.

Clients rely on our skills-based training software to help them optimize channel performance and improve the effectiveness of their training and certification programs.

Award-Winning LMS for the Extended Enterprise

Our Commitment to You

On Time

The LatitudeLearning Implementation team starts all setup projects with a clear map defining what to do, who will do it, and when it will be done. Our team has the knowledge, talent, and skill to complete your project on time.

On Budget

Our implementation approach and timeline discipline ensures we stay on budget. Any deviation from scope is resolved promptly and in partnership with our customers to ensure that we are in lockstep on the budget from the first kick-off call.

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As Promised

Latitude has a reputation for successful deliveries. Our approach to implementing your LMS in-house and our SurefireSetup process guarantee a successful implementation every time.

Our Client Testimonials

What our clients say about us

“With half of our company’s staff being spread out across the country (and world), LatitudeLearning has allowed us to provide the same training to all employees, not just those at one location. LatitudeLearning eliminates frustration by allowing employees to take training courses conditional to their own schedule.”

Laura Abney
Instructional Design and eLearning Coordinator, Ruffalo Noel Levitz

“Well-trained associates who can offer knowledgeable advice are critical to independent pet stores’ success and survival. We’ve been able to create a customized user interface that’s tailored to retailer’s specific needs and comfort level with technology, while tapping into a stable and well-supported LMS on the backend.”

Stephanie Kaplan
Director of Online Education, PIDA

“Maintaining consistency in the customer experience is extremely challenging. A big part of what our objective was: to consolidate a lot of our training resources. LatitudeLearning has been well-received by the CEO and the Vice President of Operations, and the people that are really central stakeholders in it.”

Jeff Brodsky
Director of Operational Excellence, Park 'N Fly

A Training Partner for the Long Haul

In the learning technology space, vendor relationships can be measured in months rather than years. Longevity is hard to come by — about 40% of companies are actively looking to replace a current provider.


Latitude has a 95% client retention rate.

Our high level of success is due to our partnership approach with every client and our knowledge of how to structure, execute and manage extended enterprise training programs.

Why Do We Succeed When Others Fail So Often?

One of the reasons implementations fail is because companies try to use simple HR learning software to execute their complicated training programs. Success starts by using the right tool for the right job.

Our delivery teams are nimble and close knit — composed of technologists, LMS SMEs, and analysts who have a track record of implementing training programs in the extended enterprise. The team composition and close working relationships with you during the implementation is an important factor.

Complex skills-based training programs demand an LMS provider that can understand and handle their unique complexities. We’ve developed a process to ensure successful implementation — SurefireSetup™.

Discover what to expect during the LatitudeLearning SurefireSetup process.

Fueling Innovation Together

R&D Roadmap Forum

LatitudeLearning’s continuous journey of product improvement includes you and your valuable input. Join the LatitudeLearning community by suggesting, voting, and participating in discussions on the enhancements that are important to you and your organization.`

Bi-weekly LMS Updates

Our frequent software updates enable us to resolve any issues within a 30-day period. You’re never left tapping your feet waiting for a release to fix your issue.

Frequent Check-Ins

We make it our mission to ensure you’re getting the most out of the LatitudeLearning platform. Our team will help you discover how to meet your ever-evolving strategic training goals.

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Transparent Pricing

The best way to build a successful partnership starts with transparency.That’s why we share all of our pricing information upon request. You deserve to make the best training solution decision for your organization.

Schedule a personalized call to see how you can build your training program for business impact.