Customer Training

Increase customer competence, satisfaction, and retention.

Sometimes an operator's manual doesn’t cut it.

Your commercial and industrial customers need in-depth customer training to get the most out of your products and equipment. Better trained customers means happier customers who know more, do more, and excel more.

Trained customers also rely less on technical support and other help channels. As confidence grows, satisfaction grows — boosting customer loyalty.

LatitudeLearning LMS helps you cultivate customer loyalty and build a brand following that lasts.

Train Customers

Deliver more value while elevating customers’ experience. Equip them to get the most out of your products or services. Our customer training software leads to improved customer engagement and retention.

Decrease Support Costs

Ease the load on your customer support team and reduce the number of help desk requests. Customer training makes it easy for customers to use support training content themselves.

Discover Customer Insights

Track customer training to gain valuable insights about their experience with your products or services so you can refine offerings, enhance support, and foster stronger customer relationships

Online Customer Training Programs Are on the Rise

More and more organizations are realizing the benefits of customer training. When done right, customer training programs help your customers make the most out of your products or services so they can have the best experience possible.

  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Boost customer engagement and loyalty
  • Streamline onboarding processes
customer training
Our Client Testimonials

What our clients say about our customer training

“Maintaining consistency in the customer experience is extremely challenging. A big part of what our objective was: to consolidate a lot of our training resources. LatitudeLearning has been well-received by the CEO and the Vice President of Operations, and the people that are really central stakeholders in it.”

Jeff Brodsky
Director of Operational Excellence, Park 'N Fly

“Our customers are primarily law firms that are focused on compliance due to the nature of their work for the financial services industry. Having a uniform platform like LatitudeLearning available to them provides the necessary training and reporting capabilities, and allows us to easily track and manage that training.”

Gerald Al
President, LOGS Network

“LatitudeLearning is a highly-anticipated platform that will bring Brainlab to the next level in delivering customer education. In conjunction with our strong classroom and onsite trainings, customers will have the opportunity to leverage the LMS for continuing education purposes.”

Paul Neil
Director of Corporate Education, Brainlab

We never sell it and forget it

At LatitudeLearning, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive customer training solutions tailored to various types of customer training needs. It’s not about selling the technology and moving on. It’s about working together to meet your needs and solve your challenges. 

In it for the Long Haul

In the learning technology space, vendor relationships can often be measured in months rather than years. Longevity is hard to come by, and about 40% of companies are actively looking to replace their current provider.

LatitudeLearning has a 95% client retention rate and a 100% LMS implementation success rate.

For more than 20 years, Latitude has been at the forefront of customer training and development, assisting both large and small organizations in harnessing technology to enhance employee performance. Clients not only benefit from the customer training benefits our solutions offer but also rely on our software and consulting to optimize channel performance and improve the effectiveness of their customer training and support.

Building long-lasting relationships with our clients is as much a priority to us as delivering an award-winning learning platform. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our high implementation success and client retention rates. Latitude embodies one of the key pillars of adopting technology —

don’t buy a platform, select a partner who can help you hit your goals.