Meet the LMS Built for the Extended Enterprise

Easily manage the most complex training programs across locations, partners, and brands

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Award-Winning LMS for the Extended Enterprise

Manage Complex Skills-based Training Programs with Ease

Not all learning management systems are designed to handle the demands of complex, skills-based training across a wide range of audiences.

LatitudeLearning LMS is built specifically to manage extended enterprise training programs — the way you want. Elegantly deliver quality training across any channel of your extended network — employees, partners, dealers, and customers.

The LMS Platform for High-impact Training Programs

LatitudeLearning LMS enables you and your external partner organizations to manage high-impact training programs that strengthen your business.

No other learning management system gives you the insights to intelligently align your training programs so that your people gain the necessary skills to impact your organization.

Acquire Knowledge at Scale

  • Onboard staff to new positions with appropriate training
  • Personalize training at scale
  • Manage career development and remediation training plans
  • Deliver training at the point of need

Develop Skills at Scale

  • Manage skill profiles (skills and levels) by position
  • Accredit skills dynamically
  • Accredit managers using team-member skills
  • Personalize skill assessment at scale

Manage the Scale

  • Manage training across organizations, geographies, brands, field networks and partner networks
  • Manage training for multi-role learners that are matrixed managed
  • Create audience-specific workflows
  • Track needed and current skill mix by organization
  • Decentralize training administration

Align for Impact

  • Use individual and organizational performance metrics to assign training
  • Incorporate performance metrics into skill accreditation
  • Analyze relationship between performance, training and skills
  • Incentivize accreditation

Built for impact

Know the impact your training has on your business. Track results and integrate partner KPIs into your training to measure performance for the most effective training and professional development.

Tailored for you

Leverage the power of a training LMS that’s flexible enough to fit your business needs, not the other way around.

Train your entire network

Don’t stop with your employees — train your partners, dealers, and even customers. LatitudeLearning LMS is built to manage your extended enterprise across all your audiences.

Tame your beastly training program

You won’t believe how easy it is to manage even the most complex and multi-layered training programs. The more complex your program, the more you’ll love LatitudeLearning LMS.

Build skills and competence, not just knowledge

Traditional HR LMS solutions are great for organizational knowledge or cultural values. For skills development, you need something else.

LatitudeLearning LMS is built to equip your employees, partners, and customers to be more effective in their work.

No content? No problem!

Latitude offers a full library of training material that’s ready to go. Whether you just need to fill a few gaps or need to build out an entire training program, the content is at your fingertips.

Our Client Testimonials

What our clients say about us

“Well-trained associates who can offer knowledgeable advice are critical to independent pet stores’ success and survival. We’ve been able to create a customized user interface that’s tailored to retailer’s specific needs and comfort level with technology, while tapping into a stable and well-supported LMS on the backend.”

Stephanie Kaplan
Director of Online Education, PIDA

“With half of our company’s staff being spread out across the country (and world), LatitudeLearning has allowed us to provide the same training to all employees, not just those at one location. LatitudeLearning eliminates frustration by allowing employees to take training courses conditional to their own schedule.”

Laura Abney
Instructional Design and eLearning Coordinator, Ruffalo Noel Levitz

“Maintaining consistency in the customer experience is extremely challenging. A big part of what our objective was: to consolidate a lot of our training resources. LatitudeLearning has been well-received by the CEO and the Vice President of Operations, and the people that are really central stakeholders in it.”

Jeff Brodsky
Director of Operational Excellence, Park 'N Fly

What Can You Do with LatitudeLearning LMS?

Brands and Product Lines

Create and manage brand-specific training for each partner or customer in your network.

Complex Certifications

Create certifications that truly drive partner performance.

Performance Metrics

Use powerful performance metrics to manage and support the activities of people who sell, service, and use your products.

Multiple Partner Locations

Expertly manage training across hundreds and even thousands of partner locations.

Multiple Field Organizations

Independently organize and support each field support branch as part of your overall partner training solution.

Multi-Role Learners

Structure and manage training according to employees’ collections of job positions and roles, not just
primary job title and location.

Matrixed Organizations

Support training in a matrixed organization. Deliver and track training for learners with multiple managers.

Internal & External Learners

Provide tailored training to your internal and external learners.

Audience-Specific Workflows

Use flexible tools to define and manage audiences with a wide range of criteria and requirements.

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