Polaris Delivers Brand-specific Training to Thousands of Locations Around the Globe

Employee training across Polaris’ vast corporate landscape presented several frustrating challenges. The OEM needed to find an elegant way to:

  • Provide comprehensive training support for internal and external users — including employees, dealers, and independent third-parties
  • Support multiple brand locations
  • Ensure Polaris-specific compliance and development training
  • Ensure technical and sales training for Polaris dealers
  • Provide training on policies and expectations for Polaris suppliers
  • Supply Polaris Adventures Outfitters with technical and Adventures-specific training content

These challenges were met by the LatitudeLearning platform. For several years, LatitudeLearning has delivered a central hub for comprehensive training across multiple training sites.

Discover how LatitudeLearning flawlessly delivers brand-specific training to thousands of locations and tens of thousands multi-role learners across a global entity.

ClientPolaris Corporation

In business since 1955, Polaris has more than 30 brands and 2019 sales of $6.8B. With 34,000 active user accounts spanning 3,600 dealers across the globe LatitudeLearning delivered more than 345,000 course completions over the last 12 months.